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The rules of conduct for the site are stored here.

1 1 Site Rules and Guidelines
by Ichor
Mar 3, 2019 20:54:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Guides and Information

Come here to get your read on. :3 Information about almost every integral part of the site is contained here, so please take a look at it when you have some time.

9 14 Terrea Culture: Living on Terrea, and How Bloblings Live.
by Ichor
May 23, 2020 18:20:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Lore

Come here to learn more about the story behind the site and see what's possible and what has happened in the world of Terrea! Information on bloblings, the Gods of Terrea and the planet itself is listed here, ready and waiting for you to read it. ;3

4 4 Terrea Info: What We Know About Terrea
by Ichor
Sept 1, 2019 17:16:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Dexes

This is an index of all of the in-game flora, fauna and more. Come here to read up on what we know of the creatures and plants that populate the world.

7 9 Blobling Type Dex
by Ichor
Apr 25, 2020 14:26:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Gameplay

This is where we keep our non-specific gameplay-related content, such as Tiny Tasks.

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In Character

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No New Posts Get a Blobling

Claim your very first blobling here! Fill out a form regarding what sort of person your blobling is and wait for approval. Once you have your blobling, you can start posting in role play threads to earn Coins to upgrade your little friend. :3 While you're waiting, why don't you go play some forum games to earn some more Coins as well?

169 397 kahlen’s first blobling <3
by tomata
Aug 11, 2020 19:28:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Player Profiles

Once you've claimed a blobling and your form has been accepted, you'll be asked to make a Player Profile. This is where all of the info for your current and future bloblings and creatures will go.

122 651 BugInTheWater's Player Profile!
by BugInTheWater
Aug 12, 2020 0:20:38 GMT -5
No New Posts Bleeding Grounds

This is where you can use your Bleeding Vouchers. Simply fill out the form in the stickied thread and place the filled out form in the current Bleeding Season thread. If the current thread is locked and there isn't a new one, that means that bleedings are currently closed. Please wait patiently for a new Bleeding Season thread. :3

29 148 [Event] Bleeding Season Number 10! (CLOSED!)
by ThePonyQueen
Aug 10, 2020 11:20:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Evolution Phases

This is where you can apply your Vouchers to your bloblings. If the current Evolution Phase is closed/the thread is locked, sit tight and wait for a new one, please and thank you. :3

20 56 [Phase 11] Hirune and Saarafina's Upgrades!
by Ichor
Jul 30, 2020 19:50:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Plotting

Come here to talk about your bloblings and what you may want to do with them. Put up wanted ads, which are basically just requests for people to play a certain character within your blob's story, or just talk about some scenarios you want to see happen in Terrea or your blob's life at some point.

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No New Posts OOC Events

This is where out of character events will be held. Events are not scheduled as of yet and can happen at any time, so check here and the news frequently to stay in the loop!

4 244 [Event] August Dailies!
by kahlen
Aug 13, 2020 1:23:51 GMT -5
No New Posts IC Events

This is where in character events will be held. Events are not scheduled as of yet and can happen at any time, so check here and the news frequently to stay in the loop!

70 308 A Typical Visit (Sakana & Parabellum, Closed)
by zachrin
Aug 10, 2020 18:13:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Taming Events

Taming is now possible and available for all bloblings on Terrea, and this is where you can play it out. Good luck! :3

Sub-board: Meowlers

8 2,964
No New Posts Combat Events

Combat-related events will take place here. :3 Most often, they'll be focusing on new threats infecting the land, though there may occasionally be a few raids.

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No New Posts Event Archives

Events will be moved here once they've been resolved.

Sub-boards: Evolutions, Bleedings, Creation Events, Monthly Events, Quest Events, Other Events, Past Raffles/Auctions/Sales

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Role Play

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No New Posts The Smiley Sands

This sandy expanse seems to go on forever. The sand here is extremely fine and silky to the touch, and it shimmers in the light that the rainbow stars in the sky shed upon it. While the Smiley Sands seem quite flat, every now and again you'll happen on a sand camivian hole, so slow your roll! Many bloblings have fallen victim to camivian landscape indifference. Large, inky black flower stems shoot up from the ground here as well, with flowers that have rainbow petals with black undersides... and a smiling face in the middle of it all. Sometimes, when it's nighttime and the flowers think they're alone, they'll hum a little tune. To add to the growing list of nuisances here, there are also ferret-like creatures that will fly up out of the sand and try to scare the wits out of you with their derpy, glowy : D faces. Don't let them. It gives them too much satisfaction.

39 341 Cheering Up a Chromillia [Closed]
by mrwafffles32
Aug 9, 2020 0:59:27 GMT -5
No New Posts The Snekkitti City

Created to emulate the Garden the snekkitties remember, this grassy area has been carved into the Smiley Sands. It is surrounded by a thick wall of oak-like trees and capped with golden clouds that glow and project warm, radiant light on the ground below. Purple flowers dot the otherwise green city floors, acting as decoration and catnip as well - because, well, the flowers are catnip. There are many lounging rocks in this area for snekkitties and snekkitborns alike to enjoy, and a large pond full of clear water is also here, hugging the wall of trees snuggly. Popples - apple and potato hybrid creatures - are abundant here, as well as strawragus, pumpers and fiwis, but the locals don't really appreciate them, as you will often see their remains littering the grounds... until somebody makes them into a dish, that is.
Players may play as their snekkitties and snekkitborns here, and snekkitti-related events and threads will be housed here in the future.

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No New Posts The Sourglow Swamp

This area feels wet. The air is wet, the ground is wet, everything is mucky and wet, wet, wet. Dark clouds almost always hang overhead, dripping liquid, and a light breeze sometimes licks the bloblings here - unlike in the desert, which is oppressively still. There's about as much land as there is water in this swamp, and the sporadic patches of earth are almost all covered in glowy, impossibly resilient vines with glowing grape-like fruits on them. The air smells sour, damp and sweet all at once. Bloblings can sometimes see glowing, lizard-like axolabeb here, but they scuttle away as soon as they sense motion, leaving their nodes behind. The border between this piece of land and the desert is generously dotted with Bleeding Heart Trees, which are growing in number every day.

19 193 rocks (solo)
by mrwafffles32
Aug 10, 2020 17:18:46 GMT -5
No New Posts The Tar Pits

Savvy bloblings will know that this area used to be part of the swamp, but now it's just wet, sticky black earth with giant lakes of tar in it. It smells chemical here, almost like gasoline. Bloblings who worship Eris will have no trouble travelling through this area, but those who don't... well, I hope you brought a glow grape vine or two. Blobs who touch the tar will begin to be sucked in, and if they become fully submerged, they slowly sink into the lake and become unable to scream when the goo fills their mouth. Bye bye, blobling.

13 93 Meeting Place (Permanent Solo)
by BugInTheWater
Jul 13, 2020 5:14:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Onyxia Sanctuary

A sturdily built, pristine city of blackness stands in the Swamp, its floors made of earth, green moss and large, uninterrupted slabs of machined stone. This newly constructed area has a large, circular library whose walls are lined with bookshelves, devoid of content but waiting for authors to show the willingness and ability to create it. Another large, circular building is here, with a hollow in the middle and many descending circles within it, leading to a cushiony, porous, shiny platform in the center. It's a coliseum! Bloblings may gather here to watch events, though typically the space is used for organized combat!
Many towers with pointy rooves dot the Onyxia skyline, the insides housing several bloblings all at once like the apartments of the Old World. There are also vacant rectangular buildings here, waiting to be taken over and used for business-like things.

24 542 Learning, or remembering (w/buginthewater)
by BugInTheWater
Aug 7, 2020 9:03:05 GMT -5
No New Posts The Climate Caves and Mossy Mountains - 1 Viewing

Unlike everywhere else on Terrea so far, this area feels the opposite of hot. It's chilly, and it even becomes frigid enough to snow. It's littered with shallow, rock-lined pools of ever-cool water, a type of water that always stays the temperature of ice water unless tampered with. In the distance, there are snow-capped mountains with hollows in them, otherwise known as caves! Said caves have differing types of pools inside: pools of lava, pools of a boiling water-like substance that are even hotter than the lava, and pools of ever-cool water. There's something for everyone! Icy blue moss covers the earth outside, forming occasional stalagmite-like moss spikes. And while we're still talking about moss; glowing blue moss lines the ceilings inside each of the caves, providing light and enduring the many different climates in said caves beautifully. Many bloblings and stridors - large, draconic creatures with a tendency to hoard objects - have decided to make these caves their home, so watch out when entering them!

19 88 The Wipe (Solo)
by BugInTheWater
Aug 2, 2020 12:40:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Colorwave Coast and Dampwater Darks

The Colorwave Coast and Dampwater Darks holds not one, but two large deposits of water. Until now, the planet has been rather barren as far as wetness goes... but no more! A giant, hanging orb of crystal clear water shimmers in the sky here, with a sandy ball in the center. Two long, snaking tubes of rushing water lead up and down from the sphere, and at the bottom of them is a series of multicoloured tiles that surround the dark, clear water beneath the orb. The water below is bathed in an almost supernatural shadow from the prism that lives above it, bathing it in darkness. This area has an interesting duality to it, with the shimmering water above and the still, shadowy liquid below. Surrounding the land-water is a 'beach' of the aforementioned tiles, shaped like octagons and coloured all the colours of the rainbow. They branch out into wavy pathways through the land, breaking up the waving white grass that fills the biome. This area is mild in temperature, perhaps slightly warmer than 'room temperature', and experiences the occasional breeze that makes both kinds of water ripple.

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No New Posts Sales

Sell your bloblings, vouchers, meowlers and more here! Anything that exists that can be sold can be sold here, for USD or Coins.

4 36 Surprise Box Shop! (Selling: Open) (Buying: Open)
by Lily
Aug 8, 2020 22:17:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Raffles

Host your raffles here! Whether it's a blobling raffle, a sub tier raffle, a voucher raffle or what have you, you may put it in this section! Thank you muchly for whatever it is you're raffling off to the other players; that's hella generous of you. Remember to put a start and end date into your raffle once you make it, and good luck!

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No New Posts Auctions

Hold auctions here! Players may use this area to auction off anything that they wish to sell. :3 It is up to the individual player to set their own prices and write their own form, etc.

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No New Posts Evo Art Shops

Do you want to do Evo Art for the Own Art slots? Do you want to put yourself out there and earn Coins for your work? Why not try setting up shop here? Inversely, if you're a player looking to take advantage of the Own Art slots but don't feel confident that you can make your blobling look how you want it to... why not take a look here?

2 9 Metric and lily's Body shop (open for business)
by osha
Aug 6, 2020 11:48:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Art and Writing Sales

Earn some sweet muns doing art or writing for other players. :3 Art can be of people's bloblings or original characters or anything in between. You're welcome to earn USD (or the currency of your choice) or Coins doing this! Generally speaking, this art board is for users to get extra art of their blobling rather than official Evo Phase art that must be approved.

12 59 Toasty's Art Shop (CLOSED)
by bobatj
Jun 2, 2020 18:18:11 GMT -5

The Arena

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No New Posts Combat Guides and Information

This is where you'll learn how to engage in the stat-based combat here on Terrea. This is where a good deal of our aRPG and write-to-grow functionality come in, so I think you should take a look, but it's also completely optional. If you wish to keep your blobling as a narratively inclined character, go ahead!

7 99 Stat-Based Combat Blobling Conversion Thread
by zachrin
Aug 11, 2020 19:15:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Submission

This is where you'll submit your prompts from your Training Grounds in order to Level Up!

1 153
No New Posts The Training Grounds

This is where you'll write or draw your blobling's way through their combat training. More information on how to do so is contained within.

35 375 Sprinkles Training journal (art)
by osha
Aug 11, 2020 16:42:30 GMT -5
No New Posts The Battlegrounds

This is where your bloblings will engage in combat against various mobs and creatures. Further instructions on how to do so are contained within.

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The EB

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No New Posts Flutter

Flutter is a Twitter-like social media app for bloblings. It encourages bloblings to share in bite-sized pieces! The things your bloblings post on Flutter are in character and are entirely canon, so this is your warning. ;3

39 255 Corvid (@Corvidae)
by BugInTheWater
Aug 8, 2020 17:42:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Fastagram

Fastagram is an image sharing app for bloblings! Bloblings are able to look at anything in the world and instantly take a picture of it with their mind. The EB even has a 360 degree selfie mode that extends 10 feet in every direction! This is an IC area, so things posted here will be considered canon!

13 58 The Color Purple
by BugInTheWater
Aug 8, 2020 21:22:18 GMT -5

Out of Character

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No New Posts General Discussion

You can talk about anything here, within reason. Start up new threads and talk about vidya games or memes, or vent about an especially infuriating happening within your household. We're here to talk and to listen. :3

Moderator: Ichor

24 222 How did You find Terrea?
by alphayoshi
Jul 31, 2020 15:06:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Forum Games

Pass some time and earn some sweet muns with these forum games.

33 3,604 Questions game.
by irisrose
Aug 12, 2020 11:44:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Introductions - 1 Viewing

This is where new players can introduce themselves. It's not necessary by any means, but it's nice to know what sorts of people are hanging around the site. 0: You should always refrain from giving out too much personal information, such as full names or addresses. That's just internet safety, kids.

34 76 Hi there! It's Kahlen :)
by kahlen
Aug 12, 2020 4:11:28 GMT -5
No New Posts Art and Writing

Artsy things go here. Wanna show your art to people? That goes here. Wanna show the people of Terrea your writing? That goes here. Wanna advertise your commissions? That also goes here.

Sub-board: Art and Writing Showcase

17 76 Metrics journal
by mrwafffles32
Jul 24, 2020 2:30:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Comments, Questions and Suggestions

This is where people can discuss anything to do with Terrea as a site. Come here with your questions and comments, but try to keep the criticisms constructive, if you can. Thank you.

1 52 Ask me Terrea-related questions!
by Saerfall
Dec 9, 2019 10:01:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertising

Advertise your board(s) here. :3 We only ask that when you post here, you allow us to post back at our leisure. This board is guest friendly!

Sub-boards: First Link, Link Back

444 454 Para Bellum
by PB Breezy
Aug 9, 2020 11:12:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Affiliate With Terrea

Do you have a forum of your own that you'd like us to link to? Please come here to let us know. :3

1 15 Affiliate with us!
by min
Apr 12, 2020 16:41:34 GMT -5
No New Posts OOC Archives

This is where OOC threads that are no longer needed will be stored.

10 62 [Event] August Ad Event!
by Rotbones
Sept 2, 2019 16:06:32 GMT -5

Paid Options

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No New Posts Paid Subscription

D'you want to support Terrea on a monthly basis? Do you want access to long-term rewards, subscriber raffles, reserved slots and more? Then this may be worth looking at! Thank you muchly for considering this option, everyblobby.

1 11
No New Posts Paid Bloblings

Optionally, if you don't wish to spend time posting to gain Coins or waiting for a Bleeding Season, premade bloblings will be posted here when available and will be available for USD. Premade bloblings will come already shaped and will add some variety to the gene pool, and will be designed by one of our on-site artists. Thank you muchly for considering this option, and I hope you like the creatures we come up with. :3

3 4 Paid Blobling #3! (OPEN)
by Toasty
Jul 4, 2020 12:27:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Paid Vouchers and Voucher Packs

Optionally, you may pay USD or Points to obtain a pack of Vouchers without having to post to earn Coins. Voucher packs will consist of all the Vouchers you need to make a certain type of blobling, such as something fish-like or something wolf-like. Thank you muchly for considering this option. ;;

2 9 Bleeding Packs
by Ichor
Jun 2, 2020 19:09:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Paid Coin Packs

Optionally, you may pay USD or any other form of accepted currency to just purchase a pack of Coins. Coins will allow you to purchase any Voucher available from the shop, which you may then apply to your blobling in the next Evolution Phase thread. Thank you muchly for considering this option. ;;

1 8 Coin Packs
by Ichor
Nov 16, 2019 18:53:08 GMT -5


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